Friday, March 20, 2009

675 homes available in Lexington SC 29072 - March 2009

According to, there are 675 single family homes, condos, and townhomes available for sale today in Lexington, SC 29072. They range from $58,500 to $3,890,000. The median priced home this month is an existing home in Woodside Farm listed about 38 days ago for $259,900. It is a one story home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and approximately 2,210 square feet.

Compared to last month's 675 homes available, the 675 available today is the same number of homes on the market. These numbers only reflect the homes for sale by realtor in the MLS - homes for sale by owner in Lexington are not included.



Anonymous said...

You are in violation of SOUTH CAROLINA REAL ESTATE LICENSE LAW by advertising these homes without clearly identifying yourself as an agent and your agency.Black book 2004
This also violates the COE.

Salim Khalil said...

That is a very bold comment coming from someone hiding behind the "Anonymous" name. I am not advertising any homes - I am simply reporting on how many are for sale in zip code 29072. I am not a real estate agent and I do not work for an agency.

Anonymous said...

Then how do you have access to MLS to be supplying this information? You have to be licensed to have that access or work under a licensee. Most of these photos on your blogs are stolen from the Agents that took and own these photos.You ever heard of copyrights? MLS sure has and several of your pictures are copied from the MLS website with there logo on it. I will forward your blog over to them and see if they are interested in the copyrights!I have also notified a few agents of there photos being stolen and used on your blog.

Salim Khalil said...

Anonymous, still not willing to reveal yourself?

The very first line of the post says "According to,..." That is where I am getting the information and the photos. I am citing as the source of the information.

If anything, I'm doing real estate agents a favor by writing about homes for sale in 29072 - not trying to steal anything. Its too bad you see it differently. I've talked with several agents that actually read and enjoy this blog and the web site. Some of them even refer their clients to the site!

Anonymous said...

"These numbers only reflect the homes for sale by realtor in the MLS" Quote from your blog.

MLS watermarks its photos for a reason. Copyright.Regardless of where you copy and paste these from its still copyright is owned by NAR and these photos are not public to use as you please.Im glad you admit to stealing these photos.

You should leave Real Estate to those that are Licensed and qualified.

You are borderline breaking Real Estate Licensure laws if not in full violation. When you quote a homes pricing ETC you are advertising. Thus you need to be licensed. Regardless of where you pull the information.

Great for those Realtors that like and condone your blog. Its in my opinion breaking several copyright and SCRELLaws when "writing about homes for sale in 29072." quote.

The good news is we will see soon.

I would suggest you go to SCLLR and look up and read Black Book revision 2004 of Licensure Law.

Copyright MLS data in a formal registration with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Bold comments yes. Anonymous Yes. But you are clearly breaking laws here.

Salim Khalil said...

I could be wrong, but I thought everything in got pulled from MLS.

I am not advertising homes for sale. I haven't even mentioned any specific house.

Any future comments on this post that are Anonymous will be deleted. At this point I can only assume that Laura Jefferson is the Anonymous commenter because of her displeasure in my "Imitation" post several months ago that she just recently commented on.