Monday, October 27, 2008


Last week I ran across a web page with a Lexington neighborhoods list that had a striking resemblence to the Neighborhoods Directory. After a quick inspection, I found it was in fact a copy of the neighborhoods list I have been developing for over a year now. The copied list is part of a weblog created just a few months ago by Laura Jefferson of Acquire Realty.

I inquired with Laura three times asking that she cite the source of her Lexington neighborhoods list. Unfortunately, she would not admit that she had even copied it! I feel this is contrary to her claim of representing her clients with the upmost honesty.

On the bright side, I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



Anonymous said...

Does Laura not have a boss you can discuss this with? Well, that is one realtor we can rule out of using!

Anonymous said...

How rude! I haven't heard of Aquire Realty...although the name seems quite appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Salim, My list of communities was taken from Point2 website. I am a featured member there. Point2 has been a leader in real estate websites for many more years than you or I.They categorize ALL communities nationwide.
Here is my link of where MY list came from. Seems as your list resembles Point 2 lists to me.
How many ways do you think you can make up an alphabetical list to look different anyhow?

Please feel free to call me or my broker but dont bad mouth someone in an open forum when you know nothing about that person. You question my ethics as a Realtor and to that I take great offense.

Salim Khalil said...

The Point2 web site looks pretty interesting. Your list and the Point2 list do not match up - probably b/c they are showing neighborhoods in Lexington County which is more than just 29072 like mine (and they are missing some of those too...).

I have evidence that you copied my site. Since your comment a few days ago I left you a voice message and an email - neither of which has been responded to.