Wednesday, March 5, 2008

About that map...

In the midst of updating the layout of this blog, I did a short post on the new Lexington SC Neighborhood Map on I want to explain a little more about what this is.

Using Google Maps, the neighborhood map has a blue "placemark" positioned on the map at approximately the entrance of each neighborhood within zip code 29072. There are almost 200 of these blue placemarks. At first glance, it may be overwhelming to see that many of them in the initial zoomed out view. However, when you click on a placemark, a balloon caption appears identifying the neighborhood. The link within the caption takes you to that neighborhood's specific page.

Also, if you double-click on the map or click the "+" button to zoom in, this will give you a tighter view to see exactly where each placemark is in relation to one another.

The "Sat" button will give you a satellite view which is a unique way of seeing how a neighborhood is laid out.


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