Thursday, December 6, 2007

A few JustLexington Blog updates

  1. The gas prices monitor for Lexington SC 29072 on the Home page has been removed. It just wasn't accurate. I've seen two gas stations in Lexington priced at $2.89/gal for regular unleaded all week, but the monitor has continued to show the cheapest gas being $2.90/gal. Besides, its a little depressing to keep being reminded of how expensive gas has gotten.
  2. New recent property sales data has been added to the Property Sales page.
  3. The directory of neighborhoods in Lexington SC 29072 has 208 listed.
  4. Almost 50% of the respondents to the "Do you live in zip code 29072?" poll do not live there. Haven't voted? Vote now.
  5. The Ashley Hills page has the most information thus far of all the neighborhood pages. This is mainly the case b/c it is first on the list and I know people are looking at it to see what kind of information these neighborhood pages are going to include. For now, it includes a neighborhood sign picture, a description of the location, names of roads in the neighborhood, number of home sites, school zoning, a map of the location, and recent property sales.
  6. A simple tool was added to the Neighborhoods page allowing anyone to discuss and comment on the neighborhoods of Lexington SC 29072. No login, email, or signup is required either.

More to come...

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