Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The What, Where, When, Who, & Why

Let's start by trying to define JustLexington.com...

What: JustLexington.com - go check out the site

Where: Lexington, SC 29072

When: The idea to create this site came to my mind sometime in 2005. I actually started gathering the information in December of 2006. In July of 2007, the site was launched.

Who: I am Salim Khalil. I live and work in Lexington, SC 29072.

Why: There currently is no easy place to get information on all the neighborhoods within zip code 29072. That is the first goal of JustLexington.com.

So far I have a list of 140 neighborhoods within zip code 29072. Of those, I have pictures of 36 neighborhood signs. And at this point I have one neighborhood page which is complete: Sterling Lake. I imagine there are 50 or so more neighborhoods which I have not accounted for yet. I hope to get each neighborhood page with as much information or more as the Sterling Lake page.

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